Our Story

How it all began

Our story began with a vision. We wanted to bring BioSuisse certified cannabis to the market. Quality, sustainability, traceability and Swissness were the top priorities right from the start. Because that’s exactly what we missed in all the hemp products that were already on the market.

We set the direction for ourselves.
So our goal was to produce a raw material that promises safety and transparency. And we wanted to produce CBD products that we could also give to our parents and grandparents without a guilty conscience. In 2016, we were ready and joined the founding team consisting of Dominic, Lucien, Manfred, Stevie and three other members and founded our own company.

The foundation stone was laid

Only one year later, we already cultivated the first BioSuisse-certified cannabis in a 1ha greenhouse in the Seeland. In 2018, the first CBD oil was launched on the Swiss market, the production of which already met the strict BioSuisse requirements.

We are unstoppable.
Since then, we have continued to develop. SuisseBioHemp AG became SwissExtract AG. We increased our cultivation area by 15ha of outdoor space and created new jobs in the region. We fine-tuned further products and launched a low-THC CBD oil in 2019. In 2020, we also received approval from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) to cultivate cannabis with a THC content of over 1% for research purposes.

This is how it can continue.
In the meantime, we are established on the market with our products, but we are far from standing still because of that. We are working on new products – with other plant substances, but at the same quality level.