Factors of Success

100% Bio

We are committed to our customers to only offer products that meet the highest quality standards. The raw materials for our CBD and hemp products all come from our own BioSuisse certified cultivation. We completely avoid artificial products such as herbicides and pesticides. And since only 100% natural substances are used in the cultivation of our cannabis plants, we can guarantee pollutant-free products.

We are rewarded for our efforts and investments with certification from BioSuisse: the bud stands for impeccable top quality.

100% Сontrol

The entire process of manufacturing our products – from cultivation to labelling – takes place in Switzerland. All SwissExtract products are subject to strict regular controls by an independent, specialised laboratory.

For the cultivation of our cannabis, we work exclusively with BioSuisse certified farmers.

100% Innovation

In the meantime, we have established ourselves on the market with our products, but we are far from standing still because of this. We are constantly working on new products with other plant substances in the usual high quality.

We leave pest control to nature. With our research work in biological pest control, we play an important pioneering role in international organic cannabis cultivation.