Quality and sustainability


Our efforts to cultivate cannabis to the highest organic standards have resulted in us receiving important exemption permits from both the FOPH and Swissmedic for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis.

Our cultivation is organic through and through and certified with the BioSuisse organic bud. To keep our quality so high, we have our products tested weekly.


In addition to organic quality and sustainability, the focus of production is on Swissness. Cultivation and production? In Switzerland, of course. Trimming and drying of the flowers? In Switzerland. Branding and packaging design? Designed and implemented in Switzerland.

Since we grow and refine exclusively in Switzerland, we have full control throughout the entire production process. Naturally, we work exclusively with BioSuisse-certified farmers.

From the seedling to the cultivation and harvest of the hemp plant to the finished CBD oil, everything is produced and bottled on site. Handmade and genuine Swiss quality.

Organic bud certification

For the cannabis plant to reach its full potential, organic cultivation is essential. Our extracts are grown to the highest standard. In a former greenhouse, for organic vegetables in Ried near Kerzers, we grow the world’s only cannabis plants with organic bud certification.

For this certification, we completely avoid the use of synthetic chemical pesticides. We do not use artificial fertilisers and pay attention to traceability and biodiversity. We want to set a new, globally valid standard for organically cultivated cannabis. Since 1981, BioSuisse has stood for a closed cycle that encompasses an entire farm where authentic, healthy products are produced.

Promoting the region

We also want to promote the region with our work. We already employ more than 30 people from different professional groups at our location in Ried. Together we are 100% committed to 100% top quality. No compromises. Fully committed to our name.

With sincerity towards people and the environment. For us, SwissExtract is a life’s work.